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Valure Star Customer Rated

Kazakoff, Inc. Painting and Decorating Since 1941
Has Been Awarded the Rating of Very High Customer Satisfaction

Only the Best Pass the Test

Fewer than Half can pass the rating.

A Value Star Certified ® company must apply for and pass ValueStar's four-step rating process.
  1. Customer Satisfaction Rating: ValueStar randomly selects 400 past customer names and telephone numbers from each applicant company. To ensure a true rating, a company cannot pick and choose which customers are surveyed.

  2. Complaint Bureau Status Check: The company's complaint status is checked with appropriate agencies and complaint bureaus.

  3. License Verification: Selecting a company without the appropriate licesses may mean that the company cannot legally perform the service.

  4. Insurance Verification: The company's insurance agent must provide ValueStar with written certificates of insurance, showing that it has workers' compenstaion, liability, or any necessary specialized coverage.
You may now click on either the Value Star logo on the side or the link below to visit the Value Star Web site.

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